Love your Eyes, World Sight Day 2021

Posted on Oct 14, 2021 by

Nearly everyone on the planet will experience an eye health issue in their lifetime and more than a billion people worldwide do not have access to eye care services.  To address the bigger picture at the country and global level, individuals need to be aware of their own eye health, and the theme for 2021 is all about #LoveYourEyes.


Keep your Eyesight Young for Healthy Aging Month

Posted on Sep 27, 2021 by

Taking care of your eyes and your vision is important in all stages of life and should not fall by the wayside as you age, and early detection is key. Talk to your eye care professional about including optomap as part of your next eye exam. optomap helps doctors discover and document the retina with little or no face-to-face interaction and takes only seconds to get a highly-detailed view of the retina, which is critical for detection and management of both ocular and systemic diseases at any age. 


Have a Strong Defense, Protect your Eyes in Sports

Posted on Sep 14, 2021 by

Sports are a great way to stay active and healthy, but they are also one of the leading causes of eye injuries. September is Sports Eye Safety Month and it is the perfect opportunity to think about the benefits of wearing protective eyewear when taking part in sports and other recreational activities.


Increasing Practice Efficiency and Improving Workflow with the use of optomap Technology

Posted on Aug 27, 2021 by

To increase patient throughput and practice efficiency contact Optos to put optomap in your practice or clinical setting.


Back-To-School List: Comprehensive Eye Exam First, Everything Else to follow!

Posted on Aug 13, 2021 by

Ask your eye care professional about including optomap as part of your child’s eye exam. An optomap image shows up to 200°, or 82% of your child’s retina in one fast, painless image, with little or no face-to-face interaction. The image is highly detailed and allows the eye care professional the best view for identifying diseases and other issues that may arise in your child’s eyes. Set your children up for success this school year by scheduling their back-to-school eye exam!